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What Customers
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"The customizable criteria of Acquirelists helped us to focus on our target market and realize the most potential from the dollars spent. "
Sean Dooley
V.P. Marketing
Star Mortgage

Data Enhancement:

Acquirelists provides a range of data appending and data enhancement options for both consumer and business listings. Based on specific segments of a listing --name, address and telephone number--we can enhance your data by appending missing pieces of data for more accurate and complete records.

Data Enhancements are available to fill in the gaps of missing information and help you market more effectively

Acquirelists Data Enhancement solutions enrich your database with Data Appends that add greater detail about your customers to help you target them more effectively. Acquirelists retrieves information from multiple data sources, capturing more information which results in the highest quality of data available.

The following is an example of possible gaps from your database that we can provide to boost your prospects and sales leads:

  • Phone numbers but no addresses
  • Outdated information
  • Adding missing information like Sic code, Address, Title, Phone, Fax, Email, Primay Industry Etc
  • Valuable insight into your market area, such as flagging homes that are seasonally occupied or vacant
  • Add data to gain a better understanding of your customers and prospects
  • Fine-tune your marketing and customer service efforts

By utilizing Acquirelists cutting edge data processing services many of America's largest corporations have been able to cost effectively maintain current customer addresses and telephone data, eliminate duplication, become compliant with Do Not Call requirements, and even build new customer marketing models that are based on a proprietary and scientific analysis of their existing customer's demographic and psychographic profiles. All of these advantages are available to you at just a fraction of the cost required to find a new customer.

Database Management

Acquirelists offers database management capabilities and expertise to clients in a varied number of industries. We will cost-effectively design, develop, manipulate and manage the database required to house your customer and prospect files. In addition to our in-house programming and development efforts, our accounts executives and client services respesentatives also assist you in developing and implementing programs based on a thorough understanding of your end goals and needs. A Acquirelists-designed database can turn your data into valuable information to help you find the right prospects, build relationships, reduce waste and cut your overall marketing costs.




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