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What Customers
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"The customizable criteria of Acquirelists helped us to focus on our target market and realize the most potential from the dollars spent. "
Sean Dooley
V.P. Marketing
Star Mortgage

Data Appending Services

Acquirelists Services combines the highest quality marketing data with technology and seasoned Internet marketing expertise. The result is a firm with the services and the intelligence to deliver results for our clients above and beyond what most companies have come to expect from a data firm.

Our major areas of expertise include:

  • Email Marketing Data Strategies
  • Database Maintenance Operations
  • Marketing Data Enhancement
  • Data Cleansing
  • Data Output for Marketing Campaigns
  • Data Verification and Internal NCOA
  • Database Design
  • Data Acquisition and Development


Acquirelists data enhancement includes data appending to make sure your lists are as complete as possible. We can facilitate the appending of both consumer and business information to your customer database.  We can also facilitate the appending of e-mail addresses to consumer and business records.

Phone Append

Records are processed against two of the largest compiled databases in the country, all in one step.  No other company can touch the volume and quality of our phone append processing.

Reverse Append

When you supply a customer or prospect list that contains a phone number, we can return the address and occupant name for direct mail purposes.

Data Cleansing

You need clean data to make the most out of your contact list. Eliminate duplicate records and benefit from data standardization with our custom data cleansing services. Or, use our service to append missing data to your existing lists. Your existing data entry errors, like inaccurate zip codes, addresses and prefixes, are corrected to improve your database's efficiency.

Data Hygiene

Data hygiene is a critical issue in mailing list management. Our custom data hygiene services will verify and standardize your contact information to help ensure a successful marketing campaign.

Our staff is very knowledgeable about cutting edge data practices, the keys to quality, direct marketing ethics and effective strategies for helping you gain the most from your customer data. Our account representatives are available to help you analyze your situation and show you how to best leverage your customer data to save money and build stronger relationships. The years of expertise we possess allow us to share strategies that help companies save valuable time and money.

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