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What Customers
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"The customizable criteria of Acquirelists helped us to focus on our target market and realize the most potential from the dollars spent. "
Sean Dooley
V.P. Marketing
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Append Email Addresses to Your Business Contacts

For business-to-business marketers, Acquirelists Email Search uses your business customers' names, company names, and postal addresses to derive their email addresses and append them to your file.

Email is increasingly the preferred method for business communications. By adding email to your marketing efforts you'll save time and money and increase your ability to communicate with your customers.


We have a 350-member data email append team who works on matching the contact with the email address and also makes sure that it's a deliverable email address.

Once the client's data is completely uploaded and properly formatted, it is matched against a master database of 100 million records. When a name and address record from the client's file is successfully matched against the master database, the email address is added to the client's file. At the completion of the eMail Appending Process, the enhanced file returned to the client. The eMail addresses that are appended were those matched and are successfully deliverable.

Opt-out Message
This step can be performed by either the client or Acquirelists. In this step a standard message is sent to the newly appended email addresses indicating that the append client wishes to communicate with them via email. This email gives the recipients the opportunity to opt-out if they choose.

As people move, it can be easy to lose touch with your customers. Utilizing our Extended Address Verification, we can still enhance records that have outdated postal addresses with a current email address!

B2B Email Append rate 35%-95%
B2C Email Append rate 15%-65%

The Value of a Business Email Address
Your customers' work addresses are more valuable than ISP addresses. The corporate email address of your contact is always active, and therefore your mail will always be received and is more likely to be read. An ISP address obtained through a consumer append process is usually one of several associated to that contact and may not be actively used.

Corporate email addresses are more responsive. On average, they return response rates of 7-9%. This is significantly higher than the response rates of personal email addresses (1-2%).

Acquirelists provides more results
Standard consumer appending services have single-digit match rates to business addresses. Acquirelists will first append as many matches as possible using our proprietary business email append service, and, if we do not obtain a work address for a contact, we'll match to our consumer database. This two-pronged approach not only provides you the best data possible, but it also maximizes your results. When you select an append vendor, you want to get the best return for your investment.

With Acquirelists, you get results that work
Email addresses appended by Acquirelists have fewer bounce backs than any other source. As leaders in email validation and delivery, we test every email with our advanced software, use dedicated IP addresses for appending emails, and actively monitor all black list activity. These practices are part of our commitment to quality to make sure the addresses we provide actually work.



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