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What Customers
Are Saying
"The customizable criteria of Acquirelists helped us to focus on our target market and realize the most potential from the dollars spent. "
Sean Dooley
V.P. Marketing
Star Mortgage

Fortune 500 & 1000 Companies Contacts

Acquirelists database has over one million business contacts at the VP, Director and Manager levels all with email and phone number (Direct for most companies). Build leads lists in any industry, rank or department (HR, IT, Sales, Marketing), and reduce the number of calls you make to reach the right decision maker. Acquirelists assures you a dependable list of complete and accurate profiles for small & medium businesses as well as Fortune 500 & 1000 companies .

C-Level 263,000
VP-Level 169,000
Director-Level 215,000
Manager-Level 329,000
Other 1,905,000

Each Business contact contains: Company name, individual's name, title, postal address, phone number, and business email address. Most of our phone numbers are direct dial: ideal for sales leads generation

Update and improve your Business Contact list for better Leads

Use your own sales list, and add-on missing information: Get titles, individuals' names, direct phone numbers, postal addresses. Leverage your old leads list. You target companies you already know or prospect for new leads in similar industries or same positions. Use your new prospect list for marketing, making sales calls, and getting in touch with those hard to find directors and managers.

Get Contacts at Fortune Companies.

Acquirelists provides hard to find fortune business contacts. Acquirelists allows you to map large organizations and individual business units by giving you people at any rank (VPs, Directors, Managers) and in any functional department (Sales, IT, Operations, HR, Human Resources). These are important contacts at some of the largest companies, which can help you get a competitive edge and increase your sales.

Each Fortune company contact has:

  • Contact name and title
  • company name, address
  • Phone number (Direct dial for over 70%)
  • Business email address, website


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  Unduplicated individual records of the most qualified product and service buyers in corporate America -- representing billions of dollars of buying power  
Fortune 500& 1000
Companies Contacts
  These are important contacts at some of the largest companies, which can help you get a competitive edge and increase your sales.  
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  Offers extensive contacts from the smallest niche markets through the largest corporations
Top 1,000 Companies -
by spend
  Executives in these demanding roles respond positively to relevant, interesting and well-targeted direct mail and telemarketing approaches.  

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