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What Customers
Are Saying
" I make twice the number of calls I used to, since I'm not wasting time trying to find the right contact, Plus, I'm getting higher quality leads through Acquirelists "

Alex Robinson
V.P. sales

Pre-Package Lists

Acquirelists specializes in researching and providing industry leading global business-to-business (B2B) contact database of executive decision-makers with a wide spectrum of industries including public, private, non-profit, and government organizations.

Its targeted B2B leads deliver:

  1. The decision makers that will buy your products and services
  2. The influencers that affect the purchasing decisions
  3. Valuable technology, infrastructure and other intelligence that will assist you generate more sales leads faster that ever before

How do we compile the information?

Acquirelists global research staff compiles data one record at a time using a series of research methodologies. Acquirelists compiles its own data and maintains quality control first hand. Research unit run virtually around the clock updating company and executive information while the highest degrees of quality control. Acquirelists gathers and filters this data by conducting personal telephone interviews with target company personnel, detailed direct mail and email surveys, plus careful review of selected global business publications and intelligent Web searching applications

Our goal is to maintain the highest possible ratio of research hours per record, demonstrated by our average of over 15,500 global updates per week to insure accuracy and data currency. Our business records includes Top Executives and business owners from companies across the World with their complete contact details including Contact Name, Industry Type, SIC Code, Title, Address, phone, fax, mailing address, Revenue, employees, industry, SIC codes etc. Our business Mailing Lists are compiled and updated on a continuous basis throughout the year.

Targeted Opt In B2B Databases:

We offer the following popular B2B databases select. Any other custom list selects can be built on request.

• Fortune Comapny- Executives List
C-level ( COO, CFO, CTO and Chairmans)
CIO/CTOs, IT Vice Presidents, Directors
• Top Finance decison makers
• Top 100,000 Company Executives List
• Top 50,000 Company C-Level Decision Makers
• Top 5000-Company-IT-Executives
• IT-Top Level Titles
• Top HR Decison Makers
• Top Decision Makers List (C,V & D level executives)
• Top 10,000 Financial Decision Makers
• Financial Industry Executives
• Hospital Personnel and Healthcare Executives
• Sales, Advertising & Marketing Decision Makers
• Operations Decision Makers
• Pharmacy Executive-List
• Retail Trade Industry List
• Small Business Owners List
• Technology Top Titles
• Women Owned Business

and more....

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Title Specific B2B Lists  
  Unduplicated individual records of the most qualified product and service buyers in corporate America -- representing billions of dollars of buying power  
Fortune 500& 1000
Companies Contacts
  These are important contacts at some of the largest companies, which can help you get a competitive edge and increase your sales.  
Popular Pre-Package Lists  
  Offers extensive contacts from the smallest niche markets through the largest corporations
Top 1,000 Companies -
by spend
  Executives in these demanding roles respond positively to relevant, interesting and well-targeted direct mail and telemarketing approaches.  
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